A burden on your shoulder is a weight designed by Satan to make you toil and to slow you down so that you can’t run the race with endurance. A yoke is designed to lock you into the same day in, day out toil which cannot be broken naturally. The anointing that was upon Jesus was the ‘Burden Removing, Yoke Destroying, Power of God’ I have good news for you this morning, the Anointing Breaks the Yoke of sickness, disease, being broken hearted, poverty, debt and death. Your sickness is a yoke of bondage locking you to the curse which is designed to steal, kill and destroy. Not only did Jesus remove burdens and destroy yokes, He came with a different burden and a different yoke designed to empower us.
We are having Miracle Services here at Living Word Church, so don’t come for prayer, come for a miracle. In the ministry of Jesus have you wondered how many people came to Jesus to pray for them compared to Jesus just releasing the miracle power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus just released His faith when He spoke and, in many cases, it was the individual’s faith that released the power of the Holy Spirit.
God the Father has highly exalted Jesus and has given Him a name that more powerful than any other name. We have been given His name to use so we should use it against anything that has a name which the devil has worked against you. Sickness has a name, Oppression has a name, poverty has a name and every knee must bow to that name. There is nothing higher on the earth than that name and Jesus was anointed and so is His name. His name is anointed with the Holy Spirit and with power. Jesus then exalted one thing higher than His name. His name and His word He has exalted far above any other thing and because of that they are anointed with the Holy Spirit and with power. At His name every knee must bow and His word has the magnified power of the Holy Spirit on it to break every chain. So, use the name of Jesus to stop the enemy in his tracks and then use the word of God to release the captive.

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