s a result of Adam’s sin, the curse came into the earth and as a result of the curse, death reigned and it produced sickness, disease, poverty and death. And make no mistake about it, Satan who is a thief is behind the curse because he comes only to steal, kill and destroy.
I have called this message ‘By Faith Abraham,’ because everything that Abraham received was by faith and everything promised by God that you will receive, has to be by faith. Abraham was not weak in faith, so it must be possible to have weak faith and also to be strong in faith. So how did Abraham become strong in faith? He meditated on the promise of God until he did not consider the promise impossible any longer.
The disciples had been with Jesus for over two years and I’d imagine that they had reached a point where they needed to see some fruit in their lives but there was nothing. So, like many of us the disciples plucked up the courage and asked the Lord to increase their faith for them.

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